Bob Marbut

Mr. Marbut has extensive experience as CEO/Chairman/President/COO of 11 companies, eight of which he founded or co-founded, ranging in size from startup to Fortune 500, both public and private, both U.S. and international, from investment grade to highly leveraged. They include: Hearst-Argyle Television, Harte-Hanks Communications, Argyle Television and, over the past 13 years, various security businesses (Argyle Security, Electronics Line 3000 and SecTec Global ). Bob currently serves as the Chairman of Fedora Security (formerly The Argyle Global Group). His focus has been on building companies and management teams — through both organic growth and acquisitions, including direct involvement in over 100 acquisitions, divestitures, IPO’s, LBO’s and public/private capital raising transactions. Bob has served on over 15 corporate boards — from startup to mature, from family to Fortune 15, from highly leveraged to investment grade, both in the U.S. and overseas, covering 25 business sectors — including Valero Energy Corporation (Chairman, Compensation Committee), Tupperware Brands (Presiding Director and Chairman of the Compensation Committee) and Ultramar-Diamond Shamrock (Audit Committee Chairman). Bob holds a BIE from Georgia Tech and an MBA with Distinction from Harvard.

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