Portable Surveillance Unit (PSU)

> Day & Night HD quality with embedded video analytics

> 2-way Audio Loud Speakers

> Remote access to all cameras for viewing site progress

> PSU system health status remotely monitored

> Approximately 10-15 days of archive event recording

> Low power consumption

Water Flow Detection

> Detects catastrophic leaks
> Notifies onsite personal to take immediate action.

> integrates with existing detection equipment

> Inline or External to pipe

Fire Detection

> Cover the facility with wireless smoke detectors

> High accuracy and low false alarm rate

> Tamper notification

> Fire is monitored by Universal Monitoring.

> Thermal coverage option for pre-siding phases.

Audio Talk Down

Universal monitoring utilizes high gain speakers to perform real-time live audio challenges of suspicious behavior onsite, which minimizes loss.

Perimeter Protection

> Surrounding the facility with video analytics and full HD cameras

> Cameras are monitored by Fedora’s Monitoring Fusion Center

> Electronic fence capabilities