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Remote Viewing

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Virtual Escort

Universal Monitoring will serve as a virtual guard to your employees as they open or close a location or as a chaperone for employees moving to and from high security areas. Video Escorts can also be used for outdoor security to remotely accompany employees to their cars.

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Periodic remote inspection of all cameras’ functionality, focus and positioning is performed verifying your system is working at its best efficiency.

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Virtual Doorman

Through the integration of access control and surveillance systems, businesses can operate virtually and still maintain security. Video technology alerts can be established to directly control access for authorized parties and afterhours deliveries. 2-way audio options can be utilized for verification.

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Guard Tours

Remote tours are conducted on a scheduled or random basis. The random nature of these tours helps deter criminal activity and internal theft.

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Video Verification

Video based events are processed by remote guard specialists who provide a threat level assessment to detect a person or vehicle intrusion on the site and dispatch first responders only when appropriate. Escalation is based on pre-approved rules defined with the customer.

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Virtual guarding

Video verification of camera-driven events that are processed by our virtual guard specialists.

Escalation is based on pre-approved rules defined with the customer.

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Threat Level Assessment

When a video analytics based alarm is received it includes pre-and post-event video that enables fast and accurate threat level analysis of the event.

Events are categorized into three levels:

  • Level 1 – No Human activity
  • Level 2 – Human activity but non-suspicious
  • Level 3 – Crime in progress
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Audio Talk Down

Universal monitoring utilizes high gain speakers to perform real-time live audio challenges of suspicious behavior onsite, which minimizes loss.

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