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Our Cutting-Edge Technology

FedSecGuard™ – SOS/ Escort Me Mobile App

A real-time mobile SOS and Escort Me Application that can be used to report personal emergencies or request Virtual Escort.

  • Gain real-time views of crimes & security situations
  • Activating SOS, with a slide of a button sends an instant distress signal with /caller’s ID and location to the Fedora Security Monitoring Station
  • Emergency contacts receive SOS notifications from Dispatcher
  • Activating Escort Me sends a request to monitor you in a defined time frame of your choosing
  • Monitoring Station maintains constant visual and audio connection with caller
  • Enables live personnel and asset tracking
  • Enhances safeguards for specific areas

FedSecGuard™ – Web portal

A web based dispatching portal that oversees operations from any web browser.

  • Dispatch the optimal security officer — based on proximity, availability and experience.
  • Generate comprehensive operational picture with real-time tracking of incidents.
  • Optimize incident management with smart messaging, advanced scenario planning.
  • Utilize incident logs and business intelligence tools for post-incident analysis and better documentation of incidents

How It works

Event Management – When an event occurs that requires immediate attention, a new incident is created in the Dispatcher, triggered by FedSecGuard™ App by any student, faculty, administrator, security personnel or by FedSecGuard™ Web.

Smart Dispatching – The location of the incident is automatically pinpointed, and the smart dispatching engine locates all nearby available responders who have the skill and training to respond.

Live Contact – A voice channel with Fedora Security Monitoring Station may be opened, allowing for continued contact with the user in distress. Depending on the situation, the person reporting the incident may do so in silent mode. Images of the scene and other critical information may be uploaded to the responders.

Event Management – Updates, Navigational Support, In-Field Updates (feeds received from all dispatched responders or other sources) and Status Notifications.

Post-incident – Reports are completed using the FedSecGaurd™ mobile application and sent back to relevant administrators for review and analysis. Performance indicators are analyzed and established for operational evaluation quality improvement and assurance.

Operational Concept


Event Detection ->


Alert Verification ->


Emergency Response

Fedora Monitoring Fusion Center

The Fedora monitoring services will involve connecting the site to Fedora’s wholly owned subsidiary – Universal Monitoring, our UL, CSAA (Central Station Alarm Association), ESA (Electronic Security Association) certified Fusion Monitoring Center, located in Charlotte NC, where video and alarm events will be processed by our professionally trained dispatchers.


Highly Experienced Operators trained in accordance with Central Station Alarm Association standards.

Managed Services

  • Managed Access Control
  • Interactive Alarm (Audio, Siren)
  • License Plate Recognition (LPR)
  • Other…

Virtual Guard

Remote Guard Specialists who provide a threat level assessment to detect a person or vehicle intrusion to site and dispatch first responders only when appropriate (less than 1% false dispatch rate).

Customer’s “Arm”

Performs all services as an extension of the customer team, tailored to meet the customer’s unique needs and protocols.


Universal Monitoring. LLC

1330 Sharon Road West
Charlotte, NC 28210

Tel: +1(800)955-5771
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